Restoration Community Church is a new but growing group of people gathering in Hanahan, SC who love Jesus and are committed to reaching the un-churched of our community. On January 10, 2017, we celebrated our fourth year anniversary with over 300 people who call Restoration home.  All of us are learning what it means to live a Gospel-centered life.  We believe the Gospel transforms, but we also know this is a process for everyone and we would love to help you along that process. We see small groups, which we call Community Groups, as the foundation of our church.  These groups, of about 10-15 people, meet in homes throughout our community with the intention of building our spiritual muscles through studying God’s word, so we can exercise those muscles in our everyday life.  We do life together around the table of the Lord where relationships are made, disciples grow, and family is made stronger.  Restoration is committed to making disciples through Community Groups and then celebrating as a church on Sundays in a casual, modern worship environment.